Prevalence of Alveolar Antral Artery in Patients Visiting Tertiary Care Centre: A Cone-beam Computed Tomography Study


cone-beam computed tomography
maxillary sinus


Introduction: Intrasseous anastomosis between the posterior superior alveolar artery (PSA) and infraorbital artery is termed as Alveolar Antral Artery (AAA). It is considered a common anatomical point of interest during lateral sinus floor elevation because of the risk of intraoperative haemorrhage.

Objective: To determine the prevalence of AAA along with its diameter and distance from the floor of the maxillary sinus.

Methods: A total of 250 Cone-beam Computed Tomography (CBCT) images scanned with a Dentium Rainbow CBCT machine were included in the study. The study design was an analytical cross-sectional study, done from June 2023 to October 2023. Using the multiplanar capabilities of the software, the prevalence, exact location, and diameter of the artery were determined in relation to the floor of the maxillary sinus. Data were collected and entered into Microsoft Excel and analysis was done in SPSS version 20.0.

Results: The artery could be identified in 197 (78.8%) of the cases on the right maxillary sinus and 185 (74%) of the cases on the left maxillary sinus. The mean diameter of the artery on the right sinus was found to be 1.24 mm and 1.10 mm on the left. The mean distance from the floor of the sinus was 10.22 mm on the right and 8.52 mm on the left side.

Conclusions: One significant anatomical feature in the wall of the lateral maxillary sinus is the alveolar antral artery. Preoperative CBCT scans are useful diagnostic tools for conditions that may affect this artery and for reducing surgical complications in suspected cases.



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